Mountain Athletics

Lead iOS Architect & Developer



Client : The North Face (Factory Design Labs)


This iOS app acts as the flagship component of an integrated campaign to promote the client’s new training apparel. The user may select from a number of goal-oriented training programs focused on mastering high-level outdoor achievements.

Our dynamic user interface analyzes user metrics to create customized workouts for each user.

Technologies / Takeaways

The app has successfully connected with the outdoor training segment, launching regular meetups across the US.  By collecting and analyzing metrics and analytics, the client was able to pinpoint their audience and more effectively promote the new apparel. 

Powered by a RESTful API built with Ruby on Rails, the app consumes a huge amount of detailed data to generate and track the custom exercise programs.  An engaging and application-specific user interface was designed and built completely from scratch to deliver a look and feel matching the campaign’s style as well as setting it apart from other apps in this space.