Solo Android Architect & Developer, Solo PHP Backend Developer



Client : Lenovo


LenovoCapture is an app developed for Lenovo to use at their live events, which allows the user to capture photos on an Android mobile device, then instantly transmit the photos to a proprietary back-end system, adding the photo to a queue for a slideshow being displayed on a giant screen. 

Technologies / Takeaways

The system was built on an extremely short timeline of 10 days.  This consisted of both the Android camera app as well as the PHP backend system.  Since the events were hosted at venues possibly without cell coverage, the app had to use a local network configuration, sending images to a server app installed on a machine physically located inside the venue.  

Lastly, the server was connected to a projector.  A web browser was then used to navigate to a locally hosted web app, which provided an instantaneous and continuous slide show of every photo taken with the app.