Solo iOS Architect & Developer



Client : DispatchHealth


DispatchHealth is a company located in Denver, Colorado that is changing the way health care is provided.  Rather than an expensive ambulance ride to the ER, they bring an ER to you. The iOS app is the flagship piece of the DispatchHealth ecosystem, also consisting of an Android app and website.

Technologies / Takeaways

I began working with this startup company on day-zero, as part of the team developing the company’s digital properties from the ground-up.  The iOS app connects to an in-house created RESTful API.  By detecting your location, then reverse-geocoding into an actual street address, the app allows a user to input their symptoms, and request a dispatch of medical professionals to their location.  Certain safeguards needed to be met for HIPAA compliance, as well as geofencing the user’s location to certain zip codes.